February's birthstone is Amethyst, a gemstone that has fascinated humanity for millennia.
Amethyst is a variety of quartz whose hues range from lilac to deep purple. It can be cut into different shapes and carat sizes.
Once available only to royalty (large, beautiful amethysts are on display in the collections of royal families throughout Europe and Asia), today, Amethyst is widely known and quite affordable. This has made Amethyst one of the world's most popular and most loved colored gemstones!
Amethyst is often associated with characteristics of peace, stability, and courage. Whether born in February or not, wearing Amethyst can symbolize inner strength and personal empowerment.
Perfect for a little extra warmth and strength this time of the year!

AMETHYST History & Properties

Because of its gorgeous purple color, amethyst has been used in jewelry for thousands of years.
At times the ancient Greeks and Romans valued amethyst as much as diamond and believed it could prevent intoxication and drunkenness! As a matter of fact, 'amethystos' means "not drunk" in ancient Greek! Because of its wine-like color, amethyst was associated with wine, and ancient Greek stories linked amethyst with Bacchus, the god of wine. Additional reports reflected beliefs that amethyst kept its wearer clear-headed and promoted intelligence, both in battle and business affairs.
Until the 19th Century, Amethyst was as expensive as ruby and emerald. Large deposits in Brazil were then discovered, and amethyst soon became one of the most demanded quartz varieties for designer pieces and jewelry styles. 

delbrenna jewelry with amethyst

If February is your birth month, at DelBrenna, you will find so many options to choose from!
We have loved amethyst forever and all our classic collections - Aperitivo and Filary above all - include marvelous amethyst gemstones. Cappellino pendants, Magnolia Pendants, Owls, and the Megani necklace represent other colorful options, including this beloved gemstone.

Rings, earrings, and pendants with amethyst: which one is your favorite DelBrenna design?

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