APRIL  26TH, 2022

Mothers are the jewels of life.

Let them shine!

At DelBrenna, we value our family heritage, so celebrating Mother’s Day has always held a special meaning: celebrating the unconditional love of a mother that lasts a lifetime — such a precious bond.

Have you ever nurtured someone or mothered alongside anyone else? As a friend? As a sister? As an aunt? This is your day, too! We love to say that 'mothers are the jewels of life' because both jewelry and mothers speak the universal language of love, represent unforgettable memories, inspire us, and empower us.
They are to be treasured forever.

— Take Mom to Italy —

DELBRENNA'S Mother's Day Gift Guide

When shopping for mom feels tricky, jewelry is always a good idea! Timeless and meaningful — every jewel has a story to tell, and we hope our jewelry can help you build unforgettable memories with your mother. Shop the most loved collections for mom this Mother's Day: take her to Italy! 

1 • Bubbles & Bubbles Color


Our Bubbles collection is a timeless design that suits all ages well! We have upgraded the design by adding colorful gems: colors reminiscent of Tuscany that will make her smile every day! 

2 • Mother of Pearl Jewelry

A Symbol of Motherly Love

Mother of pearl is the material produced in the inner layer of seashells in which pearls grow. Feminine, resilient, and bright―just like her. Could there be a more metaphoric gem for Mother's Day?

3 • Mini Filary Collection

A Little Italian Glamour

Inspired by the wildflowers of Tuscany, this is a fresh and romantic collection. To us, it feels like a ticket to the Italian countryside on a Summer day—something dainty with the distinctive DelBrenna flare. A delicate flower for Mom! 

4 • Ponte Vecchio Iconic Chain

A Walk in Florence

This chain is inspired by the architecture of the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, where traditional goldsmiths showcase their sparkling creations. Lightweight, airy, and whimsical: our Ponte Vecchio design will immediately transport Mom to Italy! 

5 • Diamond-cut Texture

Because She Deserves to Sparkle

Faceted beads and diamond-cut wires: our diamond-cut collections illuminate every outfit and bring happiness to those who wear them. For a glamorous Mom!  

6 • DelBrenna Icons

Celebrate your Bond and our Story

Our iconic chains are unique to DelBrenna, where every link is hand soldered. They are "links that bond," each one soldered closed indefinitely, like a mother's unconditional love & bond. Expertly crafted, they carry years of family tradition & love. She will love the story! 

We hope you spend time with mom!

This Mother's Day,
we hope you do something you love:

Listen to her stories,
Gift her something special,
Bring her flowers,
Cook together,
Spend quality time together...

Time is love. DelBrenna is Love.

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