Large Filary Pendant in Gold & Silver with Italia Coin
Pendant in 925 silver. Coin in DelBrenna’s Signature Antique Gold Finish. Frame in DelBrenna’s Signature Rhodium Finish. Diameter is 1 1/2” (38.1mm). Bail slides over most DelBrenna chains. Chain not included."}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":771,"3":{"1":1},"4":[null,2,16773836],"11":4,"12":0}">Coin jewelry stretches all the way back to the...
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Filary Pendant in Gold & Silver with Cortona Coin
Our Cortona Coin is a little piece of history! The coin is a replica of one used in Cortona during the Middle Ages which can be viewed in the MAEC Museum in Cortona. One side features a Maltese cross and...
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Mappamondo Pendant in Antique Gold & Silver
Mappamondo in Italian means "globe" and this globe is a very special design, inspired by an antique globe from the DelBrenna family, passed down from generation to generation. This pendant is a part of DelBrenna’s Globe Collection. Keep memories of...
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Sculpture Ring of Teatro Signorelli in Gold
This ring is from DelBrenna's Sculpture Collection. A hand sculpted scene of Cortona's Teatro Signorelli Theatre. Walk around with a piece of Cortona on always on your hand and in your heart! Ring in Silver 925 with DelBrenna's Antique Gold...
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