Links 5mm Bracelet in Gold
DelBrenna’s Original 5mm Links Chain is the heart of our design and so this bracelet pairs flawlessly with everything in your DelBrenna collection. The intricate, elegant design of our Links chain is bold enough to stand alone and subtle enough...
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Ponte Vecchio Bracelet in Gold
Inspired by the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence, this bracelet will transport you to Tuscany! A beautiful mix of our diamond cut chain and our iconic Links chain, this design is positively timeless. Wear it alone for subtle elegance...
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Sunflower Charm in Silver
Sunflowers represent vitality, loyalty, and optimism making them the perfect symbol of Tuscany. They are also incredible flowers that pull toxins out of the earth, healing the land. We hope our Large Sunflower charm will help you keep a smile...
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Links 3mm Hoop Earrings in Gold
If we could only take one pair of earrings on holiday, it would be these! This intricate design manages to be comfortable and versatile without giving up beauty and style. Featuring our 3mm Links chain, you can match these earrings...
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